How to Impress a Boy: 5 Things That Really Work

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What can a girl do to impress a boy? This is a frequent question asked by many girls who are interested in a boy and are looking for ways to get their attention quickly and easily. There are definitely many things you can do to impress a guy you like. I have discussed this issue with some of my international friends, and I will discuss the points on which we all agree.

5 things you can do to impress a guy you like

First, you need a guy to notice you, and then, you’ll want to keep him interested in you. But how do you get a boy’s attention without being seen as desperate?

Impressing the type you like shouldn’t be a one-dimensional thing, but something that you should address from many different angles. It is possible that one technique is not enough to get your attention (or keep it), so it is better to propose some good ideas if you want to succeed with your goal of trying to impress him.

Here are five things you can do to impress a boy you like. Good luck!

Be good at something

We are all impressed by someone who excels. If you are good at something, people notice. And the guy you like will probably be impressed too. You don’t have to choose something he is good at too. It can be really exciting to talk to someone who can achieve what is really difficult.

My Australian friend loves to go to the beach, but he is not a good surfer. He is more impressed by women who can grab a surfboard and surf the waves.

An American friend is really impressed by the girls who are cheerleaders. But he admits that when he was in school, he was amazed at a girl who was brilliant in math. He couldn’t understand how he could calculate difficult problems in his head, without even needing a pen and paper. (He struggled to get the answers by cheating with a calculator!)

We all agree that girls who are good at almost anything impress us. However, here is a word of warning. If you are exceptionally good academically, it can be difficult for the guy you like to approach. You may have to talk to him first. Yes, boys can also get inferiority complexes!

Be yourself

Have confidence in your own skin. Don’t try to be what you are not because that can be easily noticed by the guy you are trying to impress.

Boys don’t like girls who are fake. We like our women to be genuinely friendly. Genuinely interesting. Genuinely interested. . . or sincere and honest about his disinterest in a topic or event.

Don’t pretend that you really like football, fishing or hiking if you don’t like to do it every weekend. That will only cause problems in the future. Many couples have different interests and go their separate ways for a while. But when they get together again, they are excited to see each other and share their news!

Take care of what you saw

There are many ways you can impress a boy with the clothes you wear. Of course, it depends on the type, and it depends on you. But the general rule is “take care of what you wear.”

Most women adopt a personal style when choosing their clothes. If you want to impress a boy, think about the clothes you are wearing. The tracksuits are great when you do something sporty. And yes, they can be very comfortable to use at home. But if you’re someone who always wears baggy sweatpants and a baggy sweater wherever you go, that’s not very impressive.

Branch and try something new. At least a cute and tight outfit. If you always wear runners, try a different type of footwear.

Let him know that you notice

Is this so difficult? Is it really hard for girls to give them some kind of encouragement?

It really impresses me when a girl allows herself to smile. Or laugh or blush. Some kind of indication that she has noticed that there really is a boy.

He doesn’t have to throw himself at a man, or pretend to be captivated by every word he says. Being a little distance can be sexy and attractive. But being a stone wall doesn’t work for many women. Sure some might get away with it, but it carries a great risk.

Lend a helping hand

This is not to suggest that you become a doormat. You will not become the girl who is always trying to get her nose in everyone’s business. You will not be ready to take action every time someone needs a helping hand. But you’ll be aware of that perfect opportunity to lend a hand as a strategy to impress the guy you like.

There are many ways in which it could be useful and attract the attention to that special kind.

Help your friend (without looking like you’re hitting your friend, of course).
Help her little sister (with something like homework or music lessons).
Volunteer for a charity group (ideally in a place that happens every day).
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